Friday, March 27, 2009

Seven Quick Takes Friday


Friday?  Already?

1. Ga’hoole Girl is going to run track at the local middle school!  We went to talk to the principal this week and got an email this morning that it’s a go but she needs physical by next week.  EEK!  But, the clinic got her in at 4pm this afternoon.  What a day!

2. Wild Man has found a game that he’s dying to play – Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game.  We have a new store downtown and Wild Man and I stopped in yesterday to see what it is like.  The main section is game stuff, particularly Warhammer and stuff like that, including the Lord of the Rings Game.  Wild Man went up to the store again today to read through the game book and even got to play a short game.  Now he thinks he’s ready to buy the game.

3. My dad is interested in growing tomatoes upside down when he and my mom move to the country in the next couple of years, so he asked me if my kids would try it out as proof of concept.  I looked on the internet and found directions using five gallon buckets.  Ga’hoole Girl loves tomatoes and Wild Man loves cucumbers, so they will each have one bucket to work with and take pictures and send updates to Grandpa to let him know what we think about it.

4. About 10 years ago, we had two extra girls living with us for six months because their mom was sick.  Yesterday, I took the older girl out for lunch – she’s now 20 years old and married.  Wow.  Time certainly flies.

5. I finished Mr. Math Tutor’s sweater – a really pretty, gray, Irish aran cardigan.  Sadly, the sweater is way too short, and the arms are way too long.  I’m in the process of unraveling the whole thing so I can redo it.  He’ll have a lovely sweater next fall.

6. Our cats are going crazy because some birds are cleaning up a nest in a tree right beside the window.  I’m pretty sure there are going to be some baby birds later this spring.

7. I’ve been working on cleaning our schoolroom.  Instead of going through in one big whirlwind cleaning, I’ve been plodding along.  So far, I’ve made a path through to the kids’ desks so they can use them if they want.  I’ve also gotten all the trash out (from Christmas!).  Most everything that goes to the basement has been put away.  Now, just to get the rest of the stuff taken care of.  Maybe this weekend.  Or, maybe not!

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