Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Proud Mama!

My son, yes, my only son, got to participate in the church service today in a special and spiritual way.  Right before the service was dismissed, he ran up on stage, yelling, while dressed like Indiana Jones, and jumped up on stage.  The pastor stopped his talking (this was planned, don’t worry) and asked my son what he was doing.  Well, of course, my son was just up there to remind everyone about the Easter Egg-venture for kids in two weeks – isn’t that what Indiana Jones always does?  And, yes, those were his brown jazz pants with big ole holes in them that I never managed to mend since I don’t like to sew.  Didn’t they look good?! 

Ya’ll, I’m just so proud of my boy (I get more Southern when my head hurts, by the way).  Of course, this was the first time in a month that I didn’t make it to church because of a migraine, which makes me feel totally like a terrible mother, but I guess I’ll get over it eventually.  (Actually, I did go to church just for the beginning of the service because I thought he was going to do this at the start of service but they actually decided to do it at the end of the service, so I ended up coming home and going back to bed.  And, after church my dear son went to a friend’s house, so I didn’t even see him until 9pm!  But, he and I spent lots of time hugging this evening, so it was OK.  And, I’m not really a bad mama, so I guess I’m over it already.)

So, one day, when my son is some super-spiritual preacher or evangelist or theologian, you can be confident that it’s all because he ran up on the church stage dressed like Indiana Jones (ripped pants and all).  Or, maybe the verses he learns in AWANA and all the scripture we read at night, and the discussions we have at all hours of the day and night will have as much impact.  We’ll know in twenty years or so.  But, right now, I’m one proud mama!

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