Sunday, March 22, 2009

Lagniappe – March 22, 2009

I spent several hours today on the computer working on making a new background for my blog, but was unsuccessful.  I really want to learn to do this myself, but it’s a little harder than I expected.  However, I am quite proud that I learned to use  (I did, though, make a test blog so I can make all my mistakes there so you, my loyal readers, don’t have to suffer through them!)

Baseball signups are in two weeks.  Wild Man is a happy boy.  He lives for baseball.

I love small towns.  Mr. Math Tutor dropped the car off at the mechanic’s for an oil change yesterday morning and walked the mile home.  The mechanic called yesterday afternoon to say it was done, and Mr. Math Tutor and I walked the mile to the shop and picked it up.  Yes, it was romantic.

Don’t tell the kids, but I played the Wii for a few minutes today.  I think I like it – especially bowling.  I did the fitness thing, though, and it says my age is 68.  That’s rather appalling!!

I have two knitting projects to do.  Unfortunately, they are both tearing out projects.  I finished Mr. Math Tutor’s sweater, but the body is too short and the sleeves are too long.  To undo and fix just the parts that need to be fixed will be more work than ripping out and reknitting.  Ga’hoole Girl has outgrown a sweater I made for her and the yarn in the band has now ripped.  It looks like it will be a challenge to repair it, so I’m going to take the whole thing out and make a poncho out of it.

I didn’t really feel like cooking today, but I got the kids to help me, and we put together some oven-fried chicken with minimal effort.  Much nicer than frozen pizza.

On that topic, I made French dip last night.  It was somewhat better than last time since I made fresh French bread (I have to keep reminding myself how darn easy that stuff is to make) and use sirloin roast instead of rump roast (it was on sale).  Unfortunately, I don’t think I reduced the wine enough, so the au jus wasn’t as yummy.  It was still a good meal though.

Ga’hoole Girl is starting her research paper this week.  Pray for us.  I’ve made out a detailed schedule, so she knows exactly what to do when, but I’m afraid that there may still be some emotional hurdles to jump.

The lens fell out of my glasses today.  I think I’d better get to the optometrist tomorrow to get them fixed.  I can’t legally drive without them anymore.  When I went to get my driver's license a few years ago, they had me try to do the eye test without glasses – bad news for me – I couldn’t see a thing, just a blur.  The last time the lens fell out, I walked around for a day or so with my glasses held together with a paperclip!

OK, that’s enough mundane stuff for today.  I’m off to bed soon.  I think I’ll read a little bit first, though. 


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~LL~ said...

Hey, Catherine! I'm curious, did you find me from UBP or TMTT? I did/do both. How FUN!!!

Anyway, I love what you talk about! I will definitely be back!!!

Happy UBP! Also (and I posted this on my comment section as well) I pray that your headache goes away. I look forward to your joinin MHHM whenever you feel up to it.