Monday, December 11, 2006


According to my disability insurance company's website, my claim is now "being paid" instead of in "initial review". So, I am officially disabled. I assume that the letter with all the info about the claim being paid will come within the next couple of days, but the website is pretty clear about what "being paid" means. Until now, I have been receiving benefits, but there has been this underlying fear that they would deny my claim and that we would have to do some serious re-evaluation of our family's life.

But, I'm not quite sure how I like the label of "disabled". I clearly can't work as a physician right now, but I have some underlying discomfort with being "disabled". In medical school, we all worked unless we were half-dead. It's hard to get past that expectation. I have a lovely migraine starting right now, so I think I'll go get my meds and go to bed.