Thursday, March 12, 2009

Lagniappe – March 12, 2009

After a short debate at the dinner table, we have decided that chicken and dumplings are not properly soup or stew but a Southern delicacy.

I’ve been planning “curriculum” for next year – my daughter will be in high school – EEK!!!!!

The kids science fair projects will be done on time – but it won’t be without some stress.  There’s a reason they recommend starting eight weeks beforehand.

Wild Man learned to cut up lettuce last night.  He really enjoyed the part where he got to pound the head of lettuce on the counter.

I’m thinking about making peanut soup.  Yeah, it sounds a little unusual, especially for a picky eater like me, but I like spicy peanut sauce, so I think it might be something to try.

It was six degrees when I left the house for my appointment this morning.  I am in serious need of springtime.

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