Monday, March 02, 2009

Menu Plan Monday – March 2, 2009

I think the migraine from h*ll has finally broken – yippee!!  Now I can actually think.  So, of course, I’ll plan something.  Actually, I did plan out the kids’ schoolwork for the week yesterday.  I’ve got that down to a pretty “automated” process.  I made a trip today to the small grocery store here in town so I have most of what I need for cooking this week.  Here’s the plan right now – in no particular order:

1. French Dip (at the particular request of the family)

2. Stew meat, barley, green beans cooked in the pressure cooker (stew meat was on sale).

3. Stew (I bought a lot of stew meat – it was a good sale)

4. Forty cloves and a chicken

5. Grilled cheese sandwiches

6. Leftovers

7. Leftovers/clean out the fridge

No, it doesn’t look terribly exciting on the food front this week.  I only spent $75 at the grocery store and the only thing I still need to buy is barley and potatoes, so I’m doing really well with the budget this week (although we are almost out of milk).

Check out Menu Plan Monday for more great ideas for what to fix for your family this week.

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