Sunday, April 30, 2006

Of Haircuts and Birthdays

So, my current domestic concerns have been mostly related to how to live on less money. My dear husband found a job that he loves, but he makes about 20% of what I was making when I was working. I have been working very hard at learning how to pinch pennies.

Well, Friday night, I decided to try my hand at one of the ultimate money savers (in my opinion): hair cutting. So, I picked up a good hair clipper (the cost of which was still less than what we would have paid to get everyone's hair cut). Patrick was my first (very willing and very supportive) subject. At first, the results were something between the lawnmower haircut and something that people look at and think, "Oh, my, his wife did a clipper haircut - and it was her first time!." But, after a few minutes more work, his hairstyle was quite passable and reasonably even. So, I went to work on Christopher's hair. Well, this was quite a different story. Chris has lost all the curl in his hair, so it is now straight as a board. So, despite my being quite cautious, he had something resembling a buzz cut within about 5 minutes. Unfortunately, he lost confidence in me when I worked over his ears, and so he now has 2 bald spots over one ear and one bald spot over the other ear. He was gracious enough to let me do some fix-up work Saturday afternoon, and the haircut is now short, but tolerable. Chris dislikes the haircut, but says I can do it next time as long as I don't cut the top so short! So, I saved money, but I learned even more. I learned that haircutting requires some effort and learning. I learned that perfection is overrated. I learned that my husband is very understanding.

Today we celebrated my dear son's eighth birthday. I can't believe that it has been 8 years since I held him in my arms that afternoon. He was so small and so cute. He's still quite cute, but he's not so small anymore! I didn't realize how I would be able to love my husband and 2 kids so much. Chris still cuddles up in my lap (despite being almost up to my shoulder in height). He still sucks his thumb when he's tired. He comes up to me or Patrick when he he needs a hug and just says "I need a hug." What a great kid! OK, so he's not a perfect kid. He dawdles on his schoolwork and gets really hyper before bedtime. But, he's still my precious baby boy.

Another family came over for lunch today for my son's birthday. We were supposed to do grilled hamburgers and chicken, but it is pouring rain and I forgot to buy hamburger buns, so we got Chinese food (not good for the budget, but we were desperate). Chris loved opening his presents. We gave him a new bat, which he's glad about since baseball season just started this week! I made a cake last night and was up till midnight frosting it and then cleaning the kitchen.

Our house was shown this morning and then we have a showing in the morning. Yeah!!! We still have to clean the kitchen and family room again. We are praying for someone to buy this place soon!! This house is way too expensive to live in for our current income. The financial inflow and outflow just don't add up right now. We have an offer on a really cute (and far cheaper house) just a few miles away. So, many prayers for the sale of this place, so we can move!

Brand New

So, this is my first time blogging. I hope to put down what has been going on in my life and some of my thoughts to share with my friends and family. I will keep my journal for my "deep dark" secrets and my heart to heart discussions with God. I call this blog "Adventures in Domesticity" since it is chronicling my life as a stay at home mom since I left the practice of medicine. There have been lots of funny and silly things that have happened in the last 6 weeks. There have also been some really frustrating and some really sad things that have happened. But, it's clearly been adventure to see where God is taking me and our family.