Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Lovin’ Facebook

I love Facebook – I really do.  I like being able to easily catch up with friends from high school and college.  I like being able to leave a quick little note about what I’m doing (or not doing) and reading other people’s random musings.  I like being able to post pictures for only my friends to see without having to email them.

I don’t “friend” people on Facebook that I don’t know in real life.  I think I miss out on some fun stuff because of it, but it’s just not a good precedent to set.  I post pictures of my kids on here, but I don’t put their real names and lots of detail here.  On Facebook, since it’s people I know in real life, I can be more open about the bits and pieces.  I also don’t do it because it’s a hard and fast rule for our kids that they can’t “friend” anyone on Facebook when they get their accounts (which they don’t want yet).  I’ve seen kids get into serious (almost life-threatening) situations because they got into a relationship with someone dangerous on a social networking site.  So, I’m not going to be “friends” with Jon Acuff (Stuff Christians Like) or other minor celebrities like that unless I meet them in person first (which would be cool).

So, if I know you in real life, I’m happy to be your Facebook “friend”.  If I still only know you in cyberspace, and we haven’t yet laid eyes on each other, then I’ll have to risk offending you and not being your “friend” on Facebook.  Another group of people whom I’m risking offending are those who want to be my friend, but I don’t recall ever knowing.  I sure hope we weren’t best friends in third grade or anything.  I figure, though, that if I have to look you up in the yearbook to know who you are, we’re not close enough to worry about being “friends”.

To conclude, go to this post and read my review of The Echo Within and leave a comment to get signed up for the giveaway.  Yeah.  That was pretty much a non-sequitor.  It was me, not you.  I’m going to go clean the kitchen now.  Hope you have a nice evening.

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KC said...

I completely relate to only allowing people you personally know onto your facebook account. I'm actually a bit more picky. I have gotten several requests from people I went to high school with and have chose not to "friend" them, simply because we weren't good friends and I don't really want them knowing "my business". There are only 3 people from high school (and 2 from college) that are "friends" on facebook. My standard is, if I wouldn't let you in my front door at my house, I won't let you into my facebook. It may offend some people (and I know I've offended at least 1 person on facebook since I didn't "friend" her), but I just don't want everyone in my past to know what I'm up to these days----just a select few. So, I'm with ya!