Saturday, March 21, 2009

Our Week In Review – March 21, 2009


Ya know, it was just not a very exciting week.  We didn’t do any science this week because we were kind of “scienced” out after last weekend’s Science Fair.  The kids didn’t have dance this week because of Spring Break, but they did have AWANA and piano.  Their activities are spread among three different counties and four different school districts, so the Spring Breaks don’t all coincide!

We did a good bit of reading about the 1700s from George Washington’s World and Story of the World.  Our read-aloud is The Kidnapped Prince.  We’ve been pretty busy with our Sonlight work this week since we’re trying to get two weeks worth of work done in one week.

Ga’hoole girl did two weeks worth of Language Arts and Bible this week without too much trouble.  Wild Man seems to be making some real progress in spelling and reading.  I’ve been trying to do his spelling with him early in the day and right after he has done something physical which seems to help his focus.

The biggest excitement of the week, though, was getting the Wii!  The kids (OK, and the adults) had been saving up for the last three months and finally had enough money for the Wii console and one game.  The kids and Mr. Math Tutor have been playing baseball, tennis, bowling, and boxing for hours on end.  I’m very proud of my kids for saving their money patiently.

So, that was our week.  Not too exciting (except for the Wii).  Check out Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers to see how others have fared this week.



Cheryl said...

Sounds like a full week. We use Sonolight to, not the whole thing just the basic core, we love it. And we love our Wii too, tell the kids great job on saving!

Allena said...

oh it sounds like a full week to me.
i'm stopping by for the UBP'09
we saved and got a wii for christmas this year. I LOVE IT! and i'm not a huge game (on the tv) type.
with our tax return we got the Wii Fit. and that really is awesome it totally works you out!
thanks for stopping by my blog.
keep on partying!

Kris said...

Oh, my goodness! You're going to love the Wii! We got one for Christmas 2007 and we have a blast with it.

Calina said...

I would love a Wii. We haven't gotten one yet because I just can't justify the cost. My teen daughter may play it sometimes, but I doubt if my youngest would play it, she hates video games!

Nekey said...

Sounds like a great week to me! I can't wait to get a Wii... I have heard so many people say how wonderful they are. :-) Have fun!