Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Wild Man spelled “been” on the first try today!!!!

I made French Dip for the family which was a hit except for the fact that I need to use sirloin instead of rump roast.  (But, I had already bought the rump roast, so we just chewed a little more.)

The Topamax is making me more dopey than I expected.  I feel like one neuron at a time is firing.

I am also having sections of my limbs falling asleep because of the Topamax.  Did you know that your knees can fall asleep?  Indeed, they can.  A little movement gets rid of the tingling, so it’s not too bad.

The kids have been watching almost every song in Singin’ in the Rain and trying to learn the words and/or dance.

The city fined us because we forgot to have someone shovel our section of sidewalk while we were gone (and there was, of course, a snow storm).  We hadn’t gotten around to paying the fine, but got a letter today telling us that they had reconsidered and that we don’t actually have to pay the fine since it’s our first offense.  Yes.  We know.  We’ll be careful and ask someone “specifically” to make sure the sidewalk gets shoveled next time we go out of town.

It’s going to be 40+ degrees tomorrow.  Then there will be ice on Friday.  Springtime.

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