Sunday, February 01, 2009

Liveblogging the Super Bowl (at least the commercials) - 1

So, I’m going to pretend to be a “real” blogger tonight by blogging during the football game.  I generally watch just Packer and LSU football games, but I do like to see the commercials that make it into the Super Bowl.

The coin toss ceremony was kind of interesting.  There were more than ten people out on the field just for a coin toss – and then General Petraeus got to do the toss.  That was pretty cool.

Some Steeler guy just caught a really long pass and they’re already on the Cardinals’ 33 yard line.

OK.  Now some Steeler guy is at the 1 or 2 yard line.  This could be worth watching.

Steeler’s score!  Now time for some commercials!  Wait – they’ve got to do the extra point first. 

Bud Light – The guy gets thrown out the window.  Memorable, but I didn’t really like it.

Angels and Demons – I love Tom Hanks movies and I enjoyed the book, but I’m just not sure how the movie version of that book would fare.  Besides, Dan Brown seems completely out to “get” Christianity in general and the Catholic Church specifically.  Not very nice

Audi A6 – Took me the whole commercial to figure out what it was about. Not very effective, to my mind.

Arizona challenged the touchdown.  And, they took it back!!  OK.  This really could be interesting.  Steelers are going to kick the field goal. 

Pepsi - “Forever Young” – terrible singing, but good commercial.

Doritos – Crystal ball – lame.

Cardinals punt – poor guys.

Bud Light – Conan – Interesting

Year One – looks funny – let’s hope it’s PG

Toyota Venza – I’m not defined by my car, but it looks pretty

Chuck – lame

Steelers have a really nice run.  I don’t like the black and gold combination, but it’s easy to see. 

End of 1st Quarter – Steelers ahead 3-0

Bridgestone with Mr. And Mrs. Potato Head – really funny

Fast and Furious – looks seriously violent and sexual

Castrol Edge – funny.  I love the monkeys

Medium – I don’t agree with the premise of the show, but the commercial made me want to watch.

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