Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Kitty Cats!

I realized recently that I haven’t posted about my darling kitty cats lately.  Actually, maybe never.  I must remedy the situation.  We have three cats, so they are definitely part of the fabric of our lives.

SANY1090Silver is “my” cat.  She loves to come sit on my lap on top of a fleece blanket after everyone else is in bed.  She used to be rather stand-offish, but is now a real sweetie pie.


SANY1091 Sassy is Silver’s biological sister.  She is Mr. Math Tutor’s cat, at least according to her.  She is constantly meowing and trying to get him to pet her.  Of course, she’ll accept love from anyone, but she really loves him.  What’s really funny is that Mr. Math Tutor just barely tolerates Sassy.  Sassy also has really long hair, so we have tons of problems with cat hair in this house.

SANY1103 Sophie is Ga’hoole Girl’s cat.  Four years ago, Ga’hoole Girl saved up her money to adopt Sophie from the Humane Society.  Sophie is a very pretty little black and white cat, but she can be high maintenance at times.  We have to close the door to upstairs after the kids go to bed otherwise Sophie will sit outside Ga’hoole Girl’s bedroom and cry pitifully.  We can’t leave cups of water around because Sophie will knock them over.  Several months ago, Sophie became very thin and listless.  We took her to the vet to find out that the silly cat had quit eating because she didn’t like her food.  That led to a chain reaction of illness and liver problems.  We changed back to the name brand food and the silly cat is healthy again.  She is several years younger than the other two cats but is clearly the dominant cat.  She will torment the other two terribly sometimes.


We don’t need any more babies in this house as long as we have Sassy!!






Constant vigilance!  Gotta keep an eye out for the black cat who wants to come bite Silver’s butt!





There are days when it seems like she’s more trouble than it’s worth.  This was on the very top of a tall bookshelf!




Ga’hoole Girl loves this little critter!






Hiding in the paper bag!  Of course, let’s hope that no one would turn the bag up and trap the cat.  No, no one would even think about that in our house!




Just go away – I’m taking a nap – yes, another one!






Please, let us go outside.  Just for a minute – really!






Like two peas in a pod.  Just give them a fuzzy blanket and they’re happy.




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