Friday, February 13, 2009

Halfway there . . .

We're halfway to our destination down South. And we are tired. We started this morning at about 7am. No problems till Rockford. We usually don't have too much problems finding our way through the spahetti bowl of highways, but today there was construction. We saw a sign that said SB I-39. How were we supposed to know that SB meant southbound?? So, we went about 20 miles toward Chicago before we got to an exit where we could get off and drive through the lovely Illinois countryside back to I-39.

The other rather large crisis was that the audiobook of The Fellowship of the Ring from the library was so scratched as to be unusable. At dinner at Cracker Barrel, though, we found that we could purchase an audiobook and then return it to another Cracker Barrel and get back all but $3.49. So, we are essentially renting the book. It's called Half Moon and it's by Eoin Colfer (the author of the Artemis Fowl series). So far, it's been a great success.

I got a headache this evening, but not so bad that I couldn't help navigate, etc. Right now we're in a hotel with WiFi. Tomorrow,though, we'll be at my parents' trailer without intenet access. I do need to take some time, though just to read my blogs in my reader. I had 150 posts to look at tonight - I don't read them all, but I do want to mark the ones I want to read later.

I do want to take this time to do some serious bragging on my kids. They traveled incredibly well today. There were very few disagreements and they were managed without fighting. They had wonderful manners at the restaurants. When we stopped at rest areas, they played shipmates on the jungle gyms. It is rather gratifying to see them using what they've learned to enhance their playtime. I am sooooooo incredibly proud of them.

Well, I'll post more later in the week. Let's hope my withdrawal symptoms don't get too bad in the meantime.

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