Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Catherine Needs . . .

I am going to post more about our little trip down South, but I’m feeling kind of (OK, very) icky today, so I decided to do something fun (or at least more fun than making my pricebook so I can save money on groceries – yuck).  There’s a meme going around in which you type into Google “[your name] needs” and see what comes up.  In my case, several people have already done this, so I’ve weeded out their responses and only included the others (that weren’t totally offensive).  My comments are included in parentheses.

Catherine needs . . .

no. explanations.  (no explanation needed)

a home (ummmm.  I think I have one)

to go shopping (with whose money??)

TLC (hear that, Mr. Math Tutor?)

both good models and bad (this from a site about Northanger Abbey.  I still don’t quite get it.  BTW, the main character is Catherine Morland.)

more awakogens (ain’t that the truth – if they existed!)

to go home (I thought I was home.)

a helping hand (please!!!!!!  I could use about a hundred!)

any work (If I could work, would I be here?)

to do her EE (I thought my husband was the Electrical Engineer in the family)

Henry to live (I guess I want him to live, although I don’t know who he is.)

to be wary of becoming too intellectual and airy, too removed from the personal side of life (what can I say to that?)

So, there’s your touch of humor for the day.  Hopefully, more thoughtful posting will occur later, including a Tempt Your Tummy Tuesday post.  Maybe.  Or I might take a nap.  Or read a book.  Or just stare into space.  We’ll have to see.


Alyssa said...

You were lucky. I got Alyssa needs to wax or bleach her hairy arms (referring to Alyssa Milano who apparently has hairy arms?) Fun little exercise!

Catherine said...

LOL! I did have to weed through the responses since some were rather inappropriate for a family blog!!