Sunday, February 01, 2009

Liveblogging the Super Bowl and Commercials – 3

Disney/Pixar – Monsters vs. Aliens – looks like good family fare.  The 3D thing could be cool.

SoBelieve - Teach those boys to do a bourree!

Sprint – yep, life would be cool if roadies ran things.

NFL Network – love the progression

Heroes – OK. that was cool.  Yep, John Elway isn’t human.

I think I’m kind of unAmerican since I’m not a huge Springsteen fan.  Personally, I would have rather to have seen some marching bands.

Priceline – yep.  Let’s make fun of how Shatner speaks. – OK.

Universal Orlando Resort – I love the inner hero angle – I’m not a fan of acronyms if you can’t even say the words on TV.  Although, laughing one’s butt off is pretty funny.  So, just use “butt”.

Today – whatever

AllTell – funny.  Love the geeks.

Chase bank – Uh.huh.

NE WI Chevy – I like thta it’s to the point.

Lotto – dumb commercial.  Then again, so’s the lottery.

Turnover for Pittsburgh again.

Coke – lovely commercial.

Bridgestone – Astronauts on Mars was cute.

Denny’s – serious breakfast.  not sure what to say. – Love the rest of the moose in the back room

Challenge – no turnover.  Cardinal’s punt

Budweiser – 3 generations of Clydesdales.  Funny!

Race to Witch Mountain – Looks interesting.  I vaguely remember Escape to Witch Mountain.

Pittsburgh now up 20-3

Transformers – way to serious for our family. – OK.  This one is funny – but kind of sad.  Definitely memorable.

Coke – insects – very cute, great music!

Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes – rebuilding fields – really good.

Menards – I hate their jingle.  Especially since Wild Man walks around the house singing it for now good reason.

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