Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Grey Flannel Shirt – Works for Me Wednesday

wfmwbannerKRISTEN This may seem a little strange for a WFMW post, but the thing that has been working best for me recently is my grey flannel shirt.  Technically, I think it may be my hubby’s shirt, but I have now taken ownership of it (and possession is 9/10ths of the law, remember).

My husband has been using flannel shirts as an all-around light jacket/wear around the house item since we moved up to The Great White North.  When I was working, I had my lab coat, so I generally stayed pretty warm.  Soon after I quit working, we moved into our new home and have been trying to keep the heating bills under control, so it’s generally 64 to 68 degrees in our house during the day.  In order to keep warm, I have taken to wearing my (remember, MY, not the hubby’s) grey flannel shirt.  It is wonderfully warm and cozy and very easy to take off if I need to do dishes or add a jacket if I need to run out to the mailbox.

When we were down South last week, I even found myself wearing the shirt on chilly evenings (especially since all my clothes were short sleeved).  This is an incredibly versatile clothing item, although it might be a little short on style.  But, it works for me.


So, what about you?  Is there a wardrobe item that makes your life a zillion times easier (and/or warmer)?  Check out WFMW (now hosted at We Are that Family) for more great ideas.

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Anonymous said...

even though we live in the south, i own SEVERAL pairs of flannel pajamas. a couple even have feet. i wear them proudly.