Saturday, February 07, 2009

Poetry – February 7, 2009

Here are some poems written by a certain 13 year old girl this week.  First, the history assignment:


The Argument

Live or not,

Sorry or safe,

Time or dimes,

Reported the Times.

The people said dimes

The scientists said time

The race was on

The argument began

It had all started one hot summer day

When one of the children came home from play

He told his mother he did not feel well

And that very night his fever started to swell.

And so it began

The vaccine campaign

And through this time

Panic did reign.

The president’s man

He started a march

He asked the people

Please give a dime to the cause

Then one day the president’s man

Met a scientist who knew the demand

He hiered the scientist straight of the bat

And the argument started, just like that

Then the man of the scientists’ world

Said this was all a big rush

If you do this too speedily

It could all turn to mush

He wanted to delay the president’s man

At least five or ten years

So he could perfect his vaccine

And show it to the world

Now you would think

That in this thing

People would all band together

But for some odd reason

They had to push away

One party said that a live virus was the way

And that it would work in a few years

And the other party insisted

That a dead virus was the key

And so they went

Back and forth

Until one day someone announced

The vaccine has arrived

It has come at last

Reported the Times,

And it’s all because of the dimes

After that, things simmered down

And few more conflicts were had

For the president’s man had done the unthinkable

And killed Polio.

And the writing assignment:

    1. The Forest
    2. Sparkling forest
    3. Bright green forest
    4. in the height of summer
    5. fairies light
    6. and fairies bright
    7. all around me mutter.
    8. Glowing forest
    9. Fall bright forest
    10. Crisp and chill and light
    11. Leaves of red
    12. And leaves of gold
    13. All around me flutter
    14. Glittering forest
    15. Bright white forest
    16. In the dead of winter
    17. Fairies of frost
    18. And fairies of snow
    19. In the cold air whisper
    20. Flowering forest
    21. New, green forest
    22. All atwitter with birds
    23. The warm south wind
    24. And the chill north wind
    25. Play chase above the trees.

Hope you enjoyed them!

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