Monday, February 23, 2009

Observations on Home

Normally, we take two days to drive South (Southwest MS and the Baton Rouge area) and then another two days to drive home.  This time, we took three days to drive home.  And not because we are amazing homeschooling parents who stop at every potentially historical site so that our kids can be smarter than the public schooled kids next door.  No.  We were tired.  And I had a headache.  It’s not a pretty combination.  So, we drove to Cape Girardeau on Saturday, to LaSalle, IL on Sunday, and back home today.  We got home right around noon, so we treated the kids to Subway.  Even though we had just blown $100 on a hotel room.  But, the $100 was insurance against getting into an accident because the driver was tired or the navigator was barfing because of a migraine.  We’re home now.  And much happier :-)

So, on arriving home, two of the three cats greeted us.  Sassy was happy to see us.  Sophie tolerated us.  Silver hid from us.  They had been well fed and cared for by our neighbors (who had also meticulously cleared our driveway of the four inches of snow that had fallen in our absence – thank you so very much, lovely neighbors).  When cats are stressed, they tend to shed more.  Apparently, our cats were a little anxious.  Or completely terrified of an ax murderer sneaking in now that the humans were gone.  The sofa is completely covered in lovely gray cat hair.  Some people write about how you can spin your pet’s hair into yarn and knit with it.  I think not.  Besides, the critters shed so much that I’m sure their fur is already in everything I knit.  BTW, Silver finally deigned to be in the same room with us.  But, she hasn’t purred yet.  I give her another hour or two before she relents.

The kids had set up automatic recordings for Pokemon.  There are like eight hours of Pokemon shows available now for their viewing pleasure/addiction.  They watched a couple already today – most likely because they know that their TV time is seriously limited tomorrow.  Ugh.  Pokemon is so incredibly annoying – benign, but annoying for anyone over the age of 18.

I have about 14 different blog topics to write about based on the last week.  Some of them are even interesting.  Stay tuned.

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