Saturday, January 31, 2009

Our Week in Review – January 31, 2009


This week was a reminder of why I don’t have a “real” job anymore.  Despite all the bad stuff, the kids had a pretty good school week.


A woman from our church’s Women’s MinistrySANY1067 came by with a prayer shawl for me on Monday morning.  It’s a hand-crocheted shawl made by one of the women in the church who prayed over it as she made it.  Every time I wear it, I feel the love of God through our wonderful church members!  I really felt rotten on Monday, so their timing was good.

SANY1061Monday was also our church’s AWANA Grand Prix.  Wild Man  made a car with flames coming off the back of it.  He was disappointed that he didn’t win, but he had a good time nonetheless.

I was sad that I didn’t get to go to the Grand Prix because my headache was so bad.  By the time Wild Man and Mr. Math Tutor got home, the headache was awful, so Mr. Math Tutor took me to the ER for meds.  We were home before 11pm, which was good.


I slept until noon because of the all the meds I got in the ER on Monday night.  The kids mostly read books and played video games that day since I hadn’t gotten around to scheduling their regular work.


I got the kids back on track with schoolwork on Wednesday.  We started reading George Washington’s World this week.  We watched a DVR show about carbon that the kids just loved.


Ga’hoole Girl started her new semester of dance on Thursday and she had a great time.  It’s fun to see her getting so good at tapping.  Wild Man has taken to doing his physical activity (walking on the treadmill while watching a movie) first thing in the morning, followed by reading a Harry Potter book for 20-30 minutes.  He was pretty stir-crazy this week and I wanted to send him outside, but it was only 10 degrees out, so I figured I’d let him be hyper inside.  It’s supposed to be warmer next week, so he’s definitely going to be running off some of his nervous energy outdoors!!


Ga’hoole Girl is getting quite good at poetry.  Here’s this week’s poem:

I am a grain of sand

A grain of sand is me

I am doomed to roam the vastness

Of the great, fiery sea

The wind picks up

A tempest grows

The whirlwind whips

Off we go

We drop on the dunes

To wait our turn

To fly on the winds

That make the sea burn

I am a grain of sand

A grain of sand is me

I am doomed to roam the vastness

Of the great, fiery sea

Her history writing was about how Benjamin Franklin was older than many of the other important figures during his time in history.  I didn’t have her write anything about science because our week didn’t really start in earnest until Wednesday.

Wild Man, though, is dictating a paragraph to me every week.  In a month or so, I’ll have him copy what he dictates.  This week was about concrete since we watched a History Channel show about concrete:

Concrete has been called “liquid rock” because it is so very strong. We have built the Panama Canal, Hoover Dam, and the world’s biggest skyscraper with it. You can make it stronger or easier to work with by adding water, taking away water, adding more rock, or taking away rock. There is also a new kind of concrete that we have invented that can suck pollution out of the air and concrete that can let light through so that you can build a whole building out of concrete. The light comes through glass particles in the concrete to light up the whole building and have a bunch of pretty designs. The world is made of concrete.

After all the regular school work was done, the kids decided they wanted to look at things under the microscope.SANY1056  Mr. Math Tutor helped them set things up.  The looked at salt and sugar crystals, then Ga’hoole Girl pricked her finger and looked at blood.   I have some stains to use, but I didn’t feel well enough to helping the kids do staining, and I certainly wasn’t going to let them try it themselves.  My kitchen would never be the same again!


I felt pretty decent this morning, so the kids and I went to buy them jeans and then to the grocery store.  I know that taking them to the grocery store is a recipe for spending too much money, but I always think it will be different this time.  Alas, it is not!  They knew I was trying not to spend so much money, so they kept asking for things that were on sale.  I did save some money, but ended up buying things I didn’t plan on and then forgot to buy distilled water (for my CPAP machine)!

After our grocery trip, we watched the first half of “Return of the King” and had “40 Cloves and a Chicken” for dinner.  Mr. Math Tutor is still reading The Dark Frigate to us.  Now that we’re in to the story, the language isn’t as frustrating to listen to.  I will be glad, though, when we move on to a different book.  By bedtime, though, both kids and I were complaining of headaches.  I guess that’s what we get for shopping together!

So, how was your week?  Check out the Weekly Wrap-up at Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers to see how other people did this week.


Karen said...

Catherine, I read your post on HOTM. You could have been describing my children--only the other way around. Sounds like we use similar curriculum as well.


Erica said...

Sounds like a busy week, but what a bummer about the headache :(

The poem your daughter wrote, is amazing. I dont' think I could even come up with one that good haha.

Take care :)

Catherine said...

Erica, thanks for the note and your concern. The headache improved, but I've got another starting tonight. That's just part of life, though. We're all learning to work around it.

Karen, thanks for stopping by. It's amazing how different two kids in the same family can be!

Kris said...

That is an awesome poem! And, I love the prayer shawl. What a blessing that must be. I love the idea behind that.

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