Monday, February 02, 2009

A “Flexible” Day

I woke up this morning with a headache (are we surprised).  Sadly, I hadn’t put together the kids’ schoolwork lists for the week yet.  It was a day to be “flexible” – in other words, try to keep mama from losing her mind and do something vaguely educational.

Wild Man read his Harry Potter book for over an hour this morning.  After breakfast, we watched a History Channel show about the history of gambling in America.  I chose this because it’s interesting to learn history from a social history angle, and because it gives me a springboard to talk to my kids about gambling.  Then, the kids watched “Chopped” from the Food Network – I’m sure there was something educational in there.

Ga’hoole Girl is upstairs doing math and Spanish while Wild Man is reading again.  He’s hoping to help me stir-fry.  I’m pretty sure he’s also glad that he’s off the hook for spelling today.  Alas.  I’m sure the boy will learn to spell eventually.  Besides, there’s something very wrong with telling a child they can’t read any more!

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