Sunday, February 01, 2009

Liveblogging the Super Bowl and Commercials – 4

Fourth Quarter – Arizona has to make up 13 points in 1 quarter – I’m not holding my breath.

Halex GT – Not that I’d never need it, but I love the “It’s a metaphor”

TimeWarner Cable – boring.

Hyundai – you can return your car if you lose your job – talk about appropriate for this time in history.

Coke Zero – Funny. 

Vizio – No, I didn’t pay too much for my TV.  But, the commercial is effective.

Taco Bell – Cute.

GE – They used one of my favorite Wizard of Oz songs!

3rd and goal for Arizona.  They aren’t going down without a fight.  Arizona scores.

Hulu – Yep.  definitely softens the brain.  Definitely an evil plot.

Arizona got the ball back.

GE – wind energy – I love the little boy getting the sea air in the jar.  Too cute.

Pepsi – I love the MacGyver take-off.

Oh my!  Arizona got a safety so it’s a four point game.  All because of a penalty in the end zone.

This is exciting!  Arizona just scored a touchdown!  They’re up by three with 2:37 to play.  This has actually been worth watching just for the football!

Bud Light Lime – summer state of mind.  OK

GoDaddy – sleazy.  ugh.

Now the Steelers have scored again.  35 seconds left.  Arizona has to get a touchdown to win.

Well, the Steelers managed it.  More importantly, the commercials this year were just not very good.  The E-Trade baby commercial was cute.  Unfortunately, the GoDaddy and NBC commercials were just sleazy.

There you have it.  All you need to know about this year’s Super Bowl and the accompanying commercials.

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