Tuesday, February 03, 2009

My Messy Desk


I’ve heard that you can tell a lot about a person by their desk.  When I was working, my desk was usually neat and orderly, with lots of “mommy” mementos around.  Here at home, it’s a different story.  Let’s see what my desk is screaming right now (besides “clean me!!!”).


My phone is on my desk, because that’s where I left it last.  We only have cell phones, so it’s kind of interesting to see us all run to find the phone that rings!  The picture is from several years ago that Wild Man did from a paint-by-number.  It belongs in the “keep” box, but I haven’t gotten around to putting it there.  The ink is for Ga’hoole Girl.  I need to put it on her desk, but the schoolroom is in as bad a shape as my desk.  I don’t know why there’s a clothespin on my desk.


The yellow theraband is from Physical Therapy eons ago.  I keep meaning to put it with my hand weights.  Ga’hoole Girl made the change purse for me at camp a few years ago.  There’s a file folder with this week’s school assignments in it.  I was using it last night to set up school lists for the week.


Yep, I still have my stethoscope.  This is actually the nicest of the four.  I keep it so I can check Mr. Math Tutor’s blood pressure and see if my kids have pneumonia when they’re sick.  Wild Man left his Harry Potter book on my desk – I have no idea why.  The road atlas is peeking out from under the pile of papers.  I have been using it to plan our trip down South (leave next Friday – yippee!).


Yep.  The Painless Poetry book.  I read several not-so-positive things about it on the Sonlight forums, but I have to say that Ga’hoole Girl loves it.  I keep the roll of stickers so that Wild Man can use them to mark off his spelling lessons.  There are two brushes here because . . . I don’t know.  And, of course, doesn’t everyone have a cat brush on their desk?  Well, I do.  We are Suduko fans around here – I think this was Ga’hoole Girl’s puzzle.  And, that little piece of floral fabric is a swatch from my window treatments.  I keep it so I can match fabrics when I need to – of course, I last used it three months ago.  Maybe it’s time to put it away.


Living up North means that I have to have lots of hand lotion around.  My inboxes on the left are really full.  I need to do some serious filing soon.  I have bits of newspaper on my desk right now as I’m trying to figure out how to save money on groceries.


Of course, I keep plenty of “mommy” mementos around on my desk here at home.  The wooden puzzle isn’t put together because I forgot how to!!  The picture of the adorable little baby is Ga’hoole Girl.  It’s in a frame with a little voice recorder and she’s saying, “I . . . love . . . Mommy!”  It is adorable and I love to listen to it when I get down.

So, are you feeling like you know me better?!  What about you?  How does your desk look?  Are you naturally organized (like I used to be) or naturally messy?  I’ll post a picture as soon as I get the desk clean.  It won’t be as interesting, but at least I won’t lose the water bill!


Jennifer said...

I'm like you. I'm naturally clean at work (when I worked and had a desk) but at home it's a totally different story. I don't know why that is. My office was always organized but at home-it was organized chaos! lol

Anonymous said...

That looks like my desk did! I JUST cleaned it off, but it gets out of control quickly!