Sunday, February 01, 2009

Liveblogging the Super Bowl and Commercials - 2

Land of the Lost – Looks pretty hysterical.

Doritos – Cute, but did you have to include the half-naked woman?  Of course, I like the end.

GoDaddy – Awful.  We know web content is unrated – you don’t need to put it on TV, too.

Steelers now 3rd and goal.  Will they get it?  The quarterback is reading his arm – makes you wonder how he got through college?  (OK that was serious kidding – it just made me think of people writing on their arms to cheat in school)  Touchdown!  (no challenge so far).  Kick is good.  Yippee!  More commercials.

Pepsi Max – men can really take any kind of pain?  News to me.

Pedigree – good commercial but I don’t think my cats would approve of our getting a dog.

Budweiser – horse commercial.  I love it.

Heroes – Looks too intense for my taste.

1 play and then a commercial – come on, guys.  I need to make a sandwich!

Budweiser – horse rescues a circus horse – totally great!

Star Trek – looks more intense than previous Star Trek movies, but I love the premise of the younger James T. Kirk.

Cardinals score!  Kick is good!

G – good commercial – very good.  I’ll definitely remember it

NBC Monday – I could have done without the minimally clad woman at the beginning.  What is it with them?  Will people only watch TV shows with naked women?

Steelers on a roll until the holding penalty.  We’ll see if they can get it back together.  I’ve been knitting Mr. Math Tutor’s sweater during the game and it’s coming together nicely.  The other day, I ripped out everything I had done so far (about 22 inches) and started over.  I’m about 15 inches into it again – this time without significant mistakes!

Steelers punt.  Not nearly as interesting as my knitting, although the return was really good.

Ouch.  personal foul on Cardinals.  Be nice, guys.  Timeout Arizona (3rd and 22 – I think it’s  a good time for a timeout!)

Hyundai Genesis – Yep.  they get your name right.

E-Trade – The baby commercials are cute, especially when they don’t include bodily function humor.

You can see the Super Bowl ads AGAIN on  Wow.  Even I’m not that bored.

UP – Disney Pixar.  Looks funny.

Bud Light – Drinkability.  Entertaining, I guess.

H&R Block – love the grim reaper

Teleflora – they made their point. – huh?

United Way fitness programs – short and to the point.

NBC – Jay Leno in a convertible – that says it all.

Cheetoes – Bad manners all around

I dropped a stitch in my cabling and am having a heck of a time sorting it out.

52 seconds and the Cardinals are on the 12 yard line.  Will they score before the end of the half?

18 seconds.  1st and goal at the 2.Goal line interception with a run for a touchdown.  Flag down.  Talk about an exciting end of the half!  TD stands!  OK that’s more exciting than the commercials.


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