Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Getting Things Together

Things seem like they’re in rather a shambles around here today.  My three day migraine ended last night with a trip to the Emergency Department for iv meds.  The doctor was a new one I’d never met.  He seemed pleased to meet me and said that, earlier that evening, he’d been reading through some patient records and kept coming across my name (as the physician), so he was glad to actually meet me.

We were in the ED less than two hours – there were very few other patients, so I didn’t have to wait much at all (a real blessing when your head feels like it’s splitting open and you want to throw up!).  I was in bed before midnight.  With all the meds in my system, I slept till noon.  That’s late even for me!!

I didn’t get the schoolwork organized on Sunday, so the kids did some basic stuff yesterday.  Today, we watched a TV show about carbon and they have since been learning all kinds of stuff about their video games.  I’m sure that will be crucial for their adult lives.  Sigh.

I cancelled all our plans for today.  I did get the kitchen clean and I plan to actually cook dinner (something I haven’t been doing much of lately) in a bit.  The school week is going to have to be adjusted, but I’ll probably deal with that tomorrow.  Tonight, I need to sort out the grocery and meal situation.

In any case, I’m very grateful to God for Zofran, Morphine, Toradol, and Ativan.  Not to mention my dear hubbie, who took me to the hospital last night without a complaint even though he had to sub today at the high school.  Now, I’m off to deal with the food and grocery situation.

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