Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Works For Me Wednesday – 1/14/2009

First of all, I’m doing much better today, thank you very much.  I’m still a little sad, but feeling pretty good and incredibly thankful for my wonderful kids and hubby.


Now, on to WFMW.  Today’s tip is on dealing with your spouse’s snoring.  Get earplugs.  For you.  There’s no way to fix snoring unless the person has sleep apnea (in which case they can use a CPAP machine) so I’ve decided that it’s best to take it in stride and just figure out how not to hear it.  I tried listening to music, but the ear buds hurt my ears.  Soft, disposable earplugs do the trick.

Mr. Math Tutor and I both snore.  He falls asleep really quickly and, apparently, has not been terribly bothered by my snoring in the past.  A few years ago, I had a sleep study done and we discovered that I have obstructive sleep apnea, so I now have a CPAP machine and I sleep much more quietly.  Over the last few years, though, I have been having more and more trouble falling asleep and so Mr. Math Tutor’s snoring has really bothered me.

I got the idea to try earplugs from the fact that I used earplugs to help me sleep on our trip to Venezuela a few years ago.  We were staying and working for the week at a boy’s ranch on the side of one of the mountains around Caracas.  We slept in tents under a shelter on top of one of the buildings at the ranch – essentially, we slept outside.  And, it was noisy.  We heard music and people shouting from the barrios nearby.  The most disturbing thing was the roosters.  These roosters had not heard that they are supposed to crow at sunrise.  They crowed all night long!!  I learned to wear earplugs (at the recommendation of others who had been to the ranch) and it really helped me sleep.

If I can’t sleep because Mr. Math Tutor is snoring, I just put in some disposable earplugs.  My kids are old enough that I don’t worry that I’ll miss someone crying or falling out of bed.  Occasionally, I wake in the morning to find that they fell out, but usually they stay in just fine.

So, what have you found to help with sleeping with a snoring mate?  Check out Works for Me Wednesday for more great ideas!

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