Monday, January 05, 2009

Winter Camp Wrap-up

While at winter camp this weekend, I wrote four blog posts.  I couldn't post them until we got home, though, so they showed up on here about an hour ago.  We can't get Wi-Fi at camp, but Mr. Math Tutor was able to access the internet on his Blackberry.  Don't worry, though, he didn't use it for any entertainment purposes.  He only checked the weather.

DSCN0247My migraine Friday night kept me in bed until lunchtime.  Mr. Math Tutor and the kids were good enough, though, to bring me some breakfast.  I'm glad they did because breakfast was waffles and bacon - YUM!  After lunch, Ga'hoole Girl and I went on a sleigh ride.  It was definitely nippy, but fun.  If you look at the tree in the middle of the picture, you might see a brown smudge which is the porcupine that was up the tree.


Saturday afternoon, Ga'hoole Girl and I went to a class about maple DSCN0265syrup in which we learned how maple syrup is obtained and processed.  On Sunday, all four of us went to a class on snow ice cream.   We had tried to make snow ice cream a few years ago by mixing condense milk with snow, but I wasn't really thrilled with the results.  In this class, weDSCN0267 mixed sugar with half-and-half and coffee flavorings, then stirred in snow.   Of course, since we were in the Nature Center, we learned about how ice cream forms, and why snow ice cream is possible.  I made a chocolate-mint ice cream, which was pretty good.

We were supposed to get 7-9 inches of snow on Saturday night, but it DSCN0257turned out to only be one inch.  Further south, though, there was freezing rain and rain.  We were glad that we were staying through lunch on Sunday so that the roads were in better shape.    We had a quiet night in our room on Saturday night and then enjoyed a delicious breakfast on Sunday morning.  Mr. Math Tutor and I went for a walk toDSCN0254 and on the lake.  I still can't get over being  able to walk on the lake in January and swim in it in July.  Of course, I don't usually swim at camp since the water is so cold.  Wonder why that is?!

I was a little bummed that I didn't get to go skiing, but having a cold and getting over a migraine was a combination that did not lend itself to spending an hour falling down in the snow.  We really enjoyed the weekend, though.  It was a nice way to start the New Year as a family.


KC said...

Sounds like you guys had a blast! What fun!

KC said...

I asked my mom how we used to make snow ice cream and she shared the easy, simple recipe: milk, sugar, and vanilla extract. I remember it kind of tasted like the IceDreams at Chick-fil-A. I would probably like the coffee flavoring but I know C wouldn't. We never made it when we had enough snow in NC (I remember one year we had 19") and we DEFINITELY never get enough snow in Hotlanta. Oh well. Maybe one year when we come to WI it will snow and we can make ice cream!