Sunday, January 25, 2009

No, You’re Not Seeing Things.

Yes, I did change my template yet once again.  I think next time I might actually buy a template.  For right now, though, I’ll use the freebies.  So, why did I feel the need to take 30 precious minutes out of my Sunday evening to change the flashing lights on the screen??  Well, this is rather petty, but here goes.  Someone else whose blog I read had the same template I had.  I usually read blogs in a reader, so I didn’t find out until about a month after I changed mine that it was the same as hers.  And, frankly, I think it works better for her.  Yes, I know, I’m petty.  But, now I have a really pretty, blue template.  Hope you like it.


Robin said...

I also read blogs in a reader, but I clicked over to see your new look. Very simple and blue. I like it!

KC said...

I like it! I think it's actually easier to read.

Catherine said...

Thanks so much!