Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Wii Fund

My kids want a Wii.  Mr. Math Tutor and I would probably enjoy having one, too.  But, they’re pricey.  I added up our “dream package” and it comes to over $700.  So, we’re saving.  Here’s our saving tin:

SANY1018 SANY1019

So far, we have just over $30.  We have a little ways to go.  The kids, though, are really excited about this little project, so they’ll be donating babysitting and birthday money to the fund.  I figure it’s good training for all of us in patience.


Robin said...

What a great idea. We bought a Wii over a year ago. They boys had to save half the cost, but we didn't have a jar.

We all enjoy the Wii. Got a Wii Fit last weekend. So much fun - actually exercising with a video game!

Catherine said...

I'm hoping we can get it sometime before 2015!! The kids want several games although hubbie and I just want to get the Wii Fit.