Friday, January 09, 2009

Heart of the Matter Meme – 1/9/2009


Here’s the prompt for today’s Heart of the Matter meme:

2008 is behind us and we are two weeks into the New Year! In considering your resolutions, or simply your hopes and goals for 2009, how do you plan on accomplishing them? What is some great advice you can give someone about homeschooling?..or maybe you simply have some encouragement for parents of your own! Can’t wait to read the posts…remember that many people struggle with the after-Christmas let down. What keeps you positive?

One of the things about our schooling that has really been bothering me is inconsistency.  Granted, a good bit of it is due to my headaches, but I would like to get a little better about getting our formal schoolwork done.  I still plan to keep the stuff on the list to a reasonable level to let the kids pursue their own interests.

This week, I started planning each day with schoolwork at the top of my mind.  The most important thing for me at any given moment during the day is the kids’ schoolwork.  This simple act of prioritizing has really helped us this week.  I made sure Wild Man was up by 9am so he and I could start working together at 10am.  I made sure Ga’hoole Girl was up by 10am and then checked in with her as she was starting her schoolwork at 11am.  When both kids were doing independent work, I could spend time on the computer or doing housework, but I didn’t put off their schoolwork while I was busy doing something else.

This week really was a great week in the school department.  Check out my Week in Review post later for details!  Now, go to Heart of the Matter Online to see how others are answering this meme.

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JM said...

I can definitely relate. It's so difficult to homeschool when you are not feeling well.