Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Works For Me Wednesday – April 29, 2009


I’m a reader.  Only the worst migraines keep me from my books.  I’m well-known at our library and I always have a stack of books that I’m reading.  So, I was thrilled to get this nifty device from Sonlight this year as a gift for ordering a Core:leather bookmark 

This is a weighted bookmark.  It is leather with weights at the ends.  I use it to hold open a book that I’m reading while I’m doing something else with my hands like petting the (very demanding) cat or eating a snack.  This is truly one of my new favorite items.  If you have a friend or loved one who reads, definitely look into getting them one (or more) of these for the next major holiday.  The only problem I have with mine is that I perpetually lose it and have to go on a search and rescue mission when I want to use it again!

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Luke said...

Awesome! Glad it's working so well for you.

I haven't had a chance to use one yet, but they sure look nice [smile].


mub said...

This looks really neat, I bet it would work really well for cookbooks too!