Thursday, April 02, 2009

Kudos for Kiddoes (or Readers and Runners)

It’s a day for celebration around here!  Both kids have done some really cool things.

Wild Man picked up a young adult novel called Dealing with Dragons of his sister’s on Tuesday.  He finished reading it last night.  Pretty much all he did on Tuesday and Wednesday was read and do his schoolwork.  This is the first time that he’s read and entire book with which he was not familiar completely by himself!!!!

Ga’hoole Girl started track practice at the middle school this week.  Yesterday, her first day, she came home tired and sore.  She got through today with a hot shower and lots of ibuprofen, but went to practice today with a smile on her face.  Not only that, but she went to her dance class tonight and did quite well.  I was most concerned about the social aspect of starting a new activity where she only knew a few kids, but it turns out that the physical stress of track is far more difficult for her.  Mostly, though, I’m proud of her great attitude and that she is pressing on!!

I’m one happy mama!  (Sorry about not having pictures.  Between my headache this week and the fact that I can’t find the camera, I’ve been rather remiss about pictures!!)

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