Saturday, April 11, 2009

Our Week In Review – April 11, 2009


Well, I’ve ordered next year’s curriculum and I’m cleaning out the schoolroom to make room for it.  Our homeschool group has it’s annual used book and curriculum sale in May, so that’s my opportunity to get rid of stuff I know I won’t use again.  The cool thing this year is that I can get rid of all the early readers since Wild Man is reading “real” books now!

Ga’hoole Girl is making progress on her research paper.  She’s got her cards color coded and is diligently weeding through her sources for information.  Her writing this week was really pretty good and had no grammar or spelling problems. 

We haven’t gotten any Sonlight work done this week.  I’ve decided that I am going to do Sonlight with Wild Man whenever we get a chance and that Ga’hoole Girl can do the reading on her own.  I’m finding that we are having trouble getting it done because I can’t get the kids and me all in the same place at the same time to read together.

I wrote down the words that Wild Man had trouble reading yesterday – theory, natural, vibration, suspension, anchor, mechanical, frequency, resonance, and device.  He’s definitely past the elementary reading level now.  We are doing to be doing more frequent spelling reviews because I find that he forgets letter combinations if he doesn’t see them in a week or so.  Mr. Math Tutor has discovered that Wild Man doesn’t understand fractions as well as we thought he did, and part of it is because he doesn’t know his multiplication tables cold, so he keeps using his table which really slows him down.  So, Mr. Math Tutor is teaching him multiplication tables using some resources that he wants to use with clients – kind of like having an in-home guinea pig.

Today was busy because our church did the Easter Egg-Venture today at the Rec Center.  Mr. Math Tutor was there all morning helping set up and is just now coming home at 2pm after helping tear down.  Wild Man was there for the Egg-Venture because he was part of the WAM (Worship and Motion) Team – a group of kids that danced while some teens and young adults sang.  I had a migraine today, but managed to get it under control enough to get me and Ga’hoole Girl to the Rec Center to watch Wild Man and see how much fun all the rest of the families were having!!  (I’ll post pictures when I get a chance!)

So, how was your week?  Hope you have a wonderful Easter celebration as we remember the resurrection of the Savior!!  Check out Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers to see how others fared this week!



Kris said...

Everyone needs an in-house guinea pig. My oldest tends to be mine. lol

We've got used book sales coming in May and June, too. Like you, I'll be able to get rid of some things for good this year. Yay!

Nekey said...

I will be buying at the used fair. LOL I still have a preschooler but they grow up fast.

Calina said...

I SHOULD sell some used curriculum, but I doubt if I get around to it this year.