Friday, April 24, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday – April 24, 2009


1. I got up at 6:30am today.  That’s so strange for me, but I’m sure it’s because I went to bed at 9:30pm last night because of my cold.

2. Rosie Girl had her first track meet yesterday afternoon!!  She competed in three events and had a great time!

3. Wild Man has gotten so interested in a series of library books that he walked to the library today to get the next books in the series and brought back books for me and Rosie Girl as well.  Talk about motivated!

4. One more school week until we take a week of vacation!  We are going to set up our garden that week.  Speaking of which, I had never heard of Square Foot Gardening until last year, and now it’s everywhere!  Our town is doing a community garden using Square Foot Gardening.  Several of the blogs I read are talking about it, too.  I’m just jumping on the bandwagon, I guess.

5. Last Saturday, Mr. Math Tutor and I went to the Quest Conference at Christ the Rock Church in Menasha.  The theme was “Give Me Your Eyes”.  Two of the featured speakers were Os Guiness and Stuart Briscoe.  I had a migraine for part of the day, but managed to stay for the conference.  The conference helped us again to focus on others and their need for Jesus.

6. I have been on a bloggy prize-winning spree lately!  I won a book, a women’s devotional Bible, and a blog makeover from the UBP (the makeover is coming – I’ll let you know when so if you read in a reader you can make sure to take a look).  I also recently won two DVD sets – one on the American Revolution and one on WWII.  The kids aren’t nearly as excited about those as I am.  I’m on some kind of roll!

7. Tonight all four of have been sitting in the living room together.  I have been reading, Wild Man has been playing Wii then reading, Rosie Girl has been on her laptop, and Mr. Math Tutor has just been resting on the sofa.  I guess having a smaller house really isn’t so bad, after all.

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