Saturday, April 18, 2009

Our Week In Review – April 18, 2009


One of the really nice things about the kids getting older is that they are able to get a lot of their work done even when I don’t feel well.  I had migraines on Thursday and Friday, so I was so glad that the kids were pretty independent.  Here’s what we did:

History/Social Sciences

We caught up on our Story of the World listening this week.  We just finished the chapter on the French Revolution and the Reign of Terror as well as the chapter on Catherine the Great.

On Wednesday, we went to the Appleton Tea Party, which I thought was a great opportunity for the kids to see our freedom of assembly and freedom of speech in action.

We are still behind in reading George Washington’s World, but I hope to do some reading aloud tomorrow (proved this headache lets up).

Science - Ga’hoole Girl read about meteor craters and is working on a short paper about them.  Wild Man and I didn’t get to science this week (I’m blaming the migraines).

Math – Mr. Math Tutor has taken over the children’s math education!  He is doing a multiplication unit with Wild Man – so far it’s all review, they’re moving very quickly through it.  Ga’hoole Girl is still using ALEKS, but will be doing Algebra with Mr. Math Tutor when she is done with her ALEKS unit.  Mr. Math Tutor is setting up lesson plans for some online classes, so the kids will be his guinea pigs.

Language Arts – I’m still quite pleased with Wild Man’s reading.  Because of my migraine on Thursday, I just had him write sentences with his spelling words from the day before instead of doing a spelling lesson.  He did a great job without complaining!  I’ve also been interspersing more spelling reviews in between spelling lessons with good results.

Music – Ga’hoole Girl’s piano is going quite well.  The Festival is next weekend.  Wild Man still loves his drum lessons.

Physical Education – Ga’hoole Girl’s first track meet is on Tuesday.  She’ll be doing shotput and the 4x100 meter relay.  Wild Man is spending every second he can outside playing basketball or just running around.

Life Lessons – We got Ga’hoole Girl some good shoes for running and her knees aren’t bothering her anymore.  The good news is that the shoes that worked best for her were last year’s style so they were $25 cheaper than the newer ones would have been!  Mr. Math Tutor took Wild Man on Tuesday and got him some cleats for baseball.  The kids have both been affected by my gluten-free diet.  Anything that is for the whole family has to be gluten-free, so they are learning how to avoid gluten.  Of course, they can still have “normal” food even if they can’t cook it for me!

I wouldn’t trade this lifestyle right now for anything.  The kids manage to get on my nerves when I have a migraine (of course, anything bothers me when I have a migraine!), but they are really good kids who actually like each other and are learning.  Wild Man has been having some attitude issues about chores and schoolwork the last couple of weeks, but we’ve evaluated the situation and are pretty sure the problem isn’t the actual work, but being a 10 year old boy who’d rather play outside than do what needs to be done (go figure).  So, we’re praying lots and working through it.

How was your week?!  Check out Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers to see how others fared!


Kris said...

We have those "rather being playing outside" attitude issues here, too. It sounds like a good week other than the migraines, which I can't imagine. What you're going through with them sounds so much like my fil. He's finally seen some breaktrhough with dietary changes. Praying that you will, too.

Cheryl said...

Sounds like you had a great week, even with the migranes. My DH suffers from those occasinally-nasty things. Hope you're feeling better.