Friday, April 03, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday


I feel like I’ve been in something of a fog this week because of my headaches, but there has still been a good bit going on with our family.

1. It’s the first part of April which means curriculum-pickin’ time for all homeschooling moms!!  Even when Mr. Math Tutor was doing the teaching, I was the one who went through and figured out what curriculum we needed and when and where to order it.  I just love getting boxes of books!  I don’t think I’ll be ordering for a few weeks since I’ve got to take some inventory of what we’ve got here at home, but I love this time of year.

2. Wild Man has found a game that he just loves – Lord of the Rings Strategy Game.  It is kind of similar to the Warhammer game, but with Lord of the Rings characters.  As a reward for his reading accomplishments, Mr. Math Tutor and I bought him the started set, the Mines of Moria.  Wild Man has been avidly reading the rule book (yes, reading!!!) and even just playing with the figures.  Ga’hoole Girl offered to paint them for him which is going to be great.  There is a new store in town (just a few blocks away) that sells the game and that hosts games and tournaments.  We’ll see how this all works out.

3. It was finally warm enough today for Mr. Math Tutor and me to take a walk outside, but it was so windy (and a cold wind, too) that we only got a few blocks.  It’s supposed to snow on Sunday.  I’m so ready for Spring.

4. I keep reading all these blogs from people further south about how they are starting their gardens.  We are so far north that we can’t even think about putting plants out until the middle of May.  We were planning on getting our compost pile and the beds started soon, but it’s been so cold that we just don’t want to be outside working!

5. Ga’hoole Girl has gotten into all kinds of fantasy books.  She is reading 2 or 3 books (not for school) each week.  And I thought I could read a lot.

6. Now that the UBP is over, it’s prize-collecting time!  I have won four prizes this year, including a blog makeover!  So, keep an eye out for the new look in the next few months!

7. We’re going to the Milwaukee Zoo tomorrow, but I can’t find my camera!!  It’s going to be a serious bummer if I can’t post any pictures.

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