Friday, May 01, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday – May 1, 2009


1. Today is Wild Man’s 11th birthday, so Rosie Girl made him a cake which I will decorate.  He wants a baseball cake, so she baked it in a Pyrex bowl.  I’m going to frost it white and decorate it like half a baseball.

2. I was afraid I would go crazy with watching everyone else have cake while I couldn’t have any, so I made a gluten-free chocolate pound cake last night.  The flavor is pretty good, but the texture is more like a regular layer cake (which is fine with me).

3. Rosie had track meets on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday of this week.  She got home after 9pm after all those meets.  I don’t know how kids in school manage.  The also got drenched Thursday night.

4. The dance studio this year is doing a Daddy-Daughter dance, but also a Mommy-Daughter dance.  Yep, Rosie Girl wants me to dance with her.  We can’t make the first two rehearsals so I hope we can get to the last two and that I can learn this thing.

5. The kids and I are going to be part of the library’s summer program, Book Talk.  We are going to talk about kids/young adult books or book series to let other families know about them so they can read them this summer.  I’m probably going to discuss the Artemis Fowl books, Wild Man will talk about the Dragon Slayers Academy books, and Rosie Girl is thinking about Inkspell or another series.

6. Wild Man finished his first AWANA book this week!  He’s all excited about it!

7. We are taking a week off from school next week – Yippee!!  We do have plans to put in our garden, but no school planning for me or schoolwork for kids.

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