Friday, April 10, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday


Jennifer isn’t doing 7 Quick Takes Friday today, but I decided to do my list anyway.

1. There is one little kink in the gluten-free thing – Communion.  I didn’t think about it today, so I got to the front of the line at church and saw a big ole loaf of unleavened wheat bread!  I took a tiny little crumb.  So, I need to plan for this next time and take a rice cracker.

2. Our town is doing a community garden using the Square Foot Gardening that we’re going to use here at home, so I’m going to their first construction meeting tomorrow to get some info and pointers tomorrow morning (I hope). 

3. I ordered curriculum this week!!  Now I just need to get the schoolroom cleared out enough to put all the new stuff away.

4. We got the stuff for Ga’hoole Girl’s biology dissection for next year.  I’m all excited.  She’s rather grossed out.

5. The “boys” are at the Rec Center getting ready for tomorrow’s Egg-Stravaganza.  It’s going to be a blast for all involved!!  Don’t worry – I’ll post pictures of Wild Man dancing on stage tomorrow.

6. It’s finally been warm enough to open the windows this week!  And no snow in the forecast.  Dare I say it??  Spring might actually have sprung?

7. I decided to go really cheap this week on kitchen and bath cleaners and bought good, old-fashioned Comet Cleanser.  My kitchen sink hasn’t been this clean in ages!  I can’t wait to clean the bathroom!  (Did I actually type that last sentence?  EEK!)

So, what do you have to share?  Leave some comment love!!

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Angie said...

What curriculum did you order for next year? We are doing a couple of different things, as well as Winter Promise.