Thursday, December 11, 2008

Our Winter Wonderland

Earlier this week, we got almost a foot of snow.  Add to that the four inches that was already on the ground, and we have a veritable winter wonderland around here!






Here is the front of our house with Ga'hoole Girl's snow fort in front of the window.  The walls are a good 3 or 4 feet high.  Ga'hoole Girl's chore is to shovel the front steps and walkway.  She often also shovels part of the driveway and the sidewalk, although when we got a foot of snow, she let Mr. Math Tutor get those areas with the snowblower!


DSCN0059 In the backyard, we have a very small sledding hill as well as a very small cross country (cross yard?) ski track that I set up a few days ago.  When Mr. Math Tutor blows snow off the driveway, he piles it all up in the backyard for sledding.  The kids pulled out sleds and have been sledding for a few days.  Mr. Math Tutor got the skis down on Tuesday so I could start skiing, one of the very few exercises that I actually enjoy. 


It's hard to see the hill and the ski tracks in the above pictures, but here you can see Ga'hoole Girl on her sled (yes, they stand) going down the hill.  It's more like a large bump than a hill, but they are waiting for more snow so they can enlarge it.

I would have never thought that I would have become a fan of winter since I grew up just a few miles from the beach in South Florida, but I figure that if I have to put up with snow for 4 or 5 months of the year, I may as well learn to enjoy it.  So, how is winter where you are?  I got a picture from my brother-in-law in New Orleans showing some actual snow on the cars this morning!!  If you are a Southerner, how did you enjoy your glimpse of "real" winter?


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