Friday, December 26, 2008

Icky Weather

We have certainly had a White Christmas around here!  The Green Bay new station said that we have had about 36 inches of snow this year, while the normal is 13 inches.  Then, there were even a couple more inches this morning.  Earlier this week, it was below zero for most of the day.  Today, it's in the upper 30s and the top layer of snow is trying to melt.  And, it's getting foggy outside.

Mr. Math Tutor and I went in the backyard and put on our cross-country skis for a little bit.  We can't really do much skiing - it's more like snow-shoeing in skis - but it gets us outside and used to the skis.  The temperature is so warm that the snow was starting to melt on the skis, making them stick.

I went outside to get the mail, and the ice from the roof is dripping down right by the front steps.  It's pretty icy there, and I slipped.  I didn't fall, but I pulled the muscles in the front of my shoulder when I held on to the railing.

I'll be happy when we get back to normal winter weather.  It is supposed to be back in the 20s next week with a little more snow.  A week from today, we go up North for some skiing, tubing, and general fun at camp.  I'm praying for nice weather and lots of good snow!

What about you?  Have you gotten to play outside lately - in the snow or in the warm weather?

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