Thursday, December 11, 2008

Lagniappe - December 11, 2008

  • Wild Man and I made some seriously delicious bacon/cheddar cheese soup for dinner tonight.  I'd post the recipe, but I need to make it again and write down what we use!
  • Barack Obama has appointed Tom Daschle to be the new Health and Human Services Secretary.  Can you say "SOCIALISM"?!  This can't be a good thing.
  • I got a new phone today (Motorola Razor) because I could get a new phone for free (after the mail-in rebate that they're hoping I'll forget to mail in) but a new battery (which was all I needed) would have cost $50.  Crazy.
  • I had a "Hey, Fighting Tigers" ringtone on my old phone, but I don't want to buy it again and can't figure out how to get it onto the new phone.
  • When my new phone rang with the ringtone that I chose, I almost jumped out of my skin.  Guess I need to find a different ringtone.
  • Ga'hoole Girl made gingerbread cookies for her dance class tonight.  That girl can bake!
  • We joined the local health club again and I met today with a trainer to set up a program.  If I can weight train just once a week, I'll be a lot better off than I am now.  The kids are happy because they'll get to swim in the pool.
  • I'm now doing book review blogging for Thomas Nelson publishers and Multnomah/Waterbrook.  I get free books, you get reviews to decide whether the books are worth buying.  What a great deal!

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Marv Nelson said...

I am also a book reviewer for Thomas do you get to do it for Multnomah/waterbrook?