Saturday, December 20, 2008

Interview With My Children

Here's a great meme that I found at Behold the Lamb.

What does Mom always say to you?

  • Wild Man - Did you get your chores done?
  • Ga'hoole Girl - No; I love you (in different contexts, she says)

What makes Mom happy?

  • Wild Man - Chocolate
  • Ga'hoole Girl - Knitting, cooking, watching movies, eating chocolate

What makes Mom sad?

  • Wild Man -  . . .
  • Ga'hoole Girl - Us being bad, it being too cold, headaches

How does Mom make you laugh?

  • Wild Man - Being sarcastic
  • Ga'hoole Girl - Being extremely sarcastic or ironic

How old is Mom?

  • Wild Man - 41
  • Gahoole Girl - 41

How tall is Mom?

  • Wild Man - About 5 feet
  • Ga'hoole Girl - 5 foot 6 inches (she's correct)

What does Mom like to do?

  • Wild Man - Knit!
  • Ga'hoole Girl - Knit, cook, eat chocolate, cross country ski

What is Mom's job?

  • Wild Man - Feed me!
  • Ga'hoole Girl - Homeschooling mom

What is Mom's favorite food?

  • Wild Man - Fried fish
  • Ga'hoole Girl - Chocolate; roast beef, rice, and gravy

How do you know Mom loves you?

  • Wild Man - She says it 10 times a day
  • Ga'hoole Girl - Because I do.

Wasn't that fun?  Of course, mine was pretty different than the one at Behold the Lamb since I only have two kids.  It is cool, though, to see what they think about what I like and do!


Teri said...

Yeah, I suppose the younger ones answers are cute. but the older kids - like yours - are VERY telling. hmmm...

Anonymous said...

What a fun interview!! :D