Sunday, December 28, 2008

Enough Snow Already!!!

I like snow.  I figure that if you have to put up with the cold temperatures of the Great White North, it is at least nice that you get lovely snow to look at and play in.  But, I think we've actually had more snow than I like this year.

By Christmas Day, we had had a good three feet of snow already this season.  Then, yesterday, it got really warm and some of the snow melted - mostly what was on the streets and driveways.  Before the water could evaporate, though, it got cold again so the water froze into ice and it snowed.  The forecast was for 1-2 inches of snow.  We got 5-6! 

Mr. Math Tutor was in charge of deciding whether or not to have church services today since the pastors are out of town.  He decided to go ahead with both services.  Then, on the way through town, got stuck in a snow drift!  You see, we live on the end of Main Street that isn't actually a highway.  The plows do all the highways first, then come back and do the regular town streets.  So, they had plowed part of the intersection that Mr. Math Tutor was going through, but left a drift - on top of the ice.  Our poor little Malibu just couldn't handle it.  Mr. Math Tutor got unstuck and came back home.  He got out the snowblower and took care of our driveway then waited for the plow to do our end of the street so he could plow the drift in front of our driveway left by the plow.  He got to church OK and on time for the last half of the second service.  He was supposed to run sound today, but it probably didn't matter for the early service since very few people probably came out in this weather!

The drifts of snow in front of our house are over four feet high what with the snow that has fallen plus the snow thrown by the snowblowers and plows.  It's great for playing!

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