Saturday, December 20, 2008


  • We're getting another six inches of snow today!  I'm still recovering from clearing snow yesterday.  Mr. Math Tutor is going to have to take care of the snow tomorrow.
  • Last year, the children's Christmas program at church got postponed till after Christmas because church services on the Sunday before Christmas were canceled due to a severe winter storm.  The same thing may happen again this year (except that the service will be on Monday).
  • The 1995 BBC "Pride and Prejudice" is much better than the more recent one with Keira Knightley.  I like Keira Knightley's work, but not this particular film.
  • I'm working out at the health club regularly now (more on that another time) and I'm incredibly sore.  Let's hope the soreness passes soon.
  • My son had me color his spritz cookie dough green.  Those are some interesting looking cookies.
  • I think I'm actually tired of knitting!  I didn't know that could actually happen.

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