Friday, December 12, 2008

Incorporating Extended Family Into Homeschooling

HOTMSidebar Today's "Heart of the Matter" meme is how we incorporate our extended family into our homeschool.  We live in The Great White North while the grandparents all live in Florida so they don't get to be involved in the day to day workings of our homeschooling.  There are, though, some things that we can do with extended family that are educational.

  • The kids send emails to the grandparents.  This gives the kids writing practice as well as letting the grandparents know what is going on around here.
  • Grandma teaches the kids to sew when she visits.  She also has taken them on a trip to Door County, which was educational as well as fun.
  • Grams and Grandpa have some land in Mississippi that includes a pond, so we go fishing and play in the woods when we visit them there.
  • Grams and Grandpa have taken the kids on educational day trips when we visit them in Florida.
  • Grams cooks with the kids whenever they get together.
  • Last year, we made our trip to Mississippi a quest, and got Grams and Grandpa to set up the end of the quest for us.

I'm looking forward to seeing what the other participants in this meme have to say and maybe getting some new ideas!  Check out Heart of the Matter Online for more responses.



KC said...

Every time we visit grandparents (in NC and FL), we at least try to go on 1 educational field trip (preferrably with the grandparents). Like the fishing, I also think it's important to have some family memories. When in FL, we always go to the beach which has lots of educational opportunities. Both the kids love to play in the pool too. When in NC, we're always doing something outside (at Thanksgiving, E learned how to shoot C's 22 pistol). I want my dad to show E the old stagecoach trail and water spring in their backwoods at Christmas (assuming the weather's nice). And during the summer, they go fishing. These are all the things that we (C and I ) grew up with and want our children to experience with the grandparents. While they're making memories, they're also learning which is good. BTW---I was wondering why E started getting emails from Grams. Guess she's trying to get E to work on his writing. His responses are short and sweet at the moment. He'd much prefer to talk on the phone! LOL

Tracy said...

My children's grandparents all live far away too. It's so fun when we are with them too! Thanks for sharing!