Monday, December 15, 2008

Menu Plan Monday - 12/15/2008

It's 11:38 pm, so it's technically still Monday, so my Menu Plan Monday is up on time! Now, what to have this week? Is it legal to have Christmas cookies for all of our meals this week? We've got lots of Christmas baking ahead of us this week. Perhaps not. Well, here is a list of what I think I can come up with from the freezer this week.

1. Ravioli with tomato sauce
2. Smoky bacon and cheese soup
3. Spaghetti (never got around to making it last week)
4. Grilled cheese sandwiches
5. Ground beef and rice in the pressure cooker
6. Leftovers

Check out "I'm an Organizing Junkie" to see what others are cooking up this week. Meanwhile, our family will subsist on Christmas cookies for the week!

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n*stitches said...

Great easy meals! I love your blog template and graphics by the way!