Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I haven’t complained in a while.  I think I’m due.  What do you think?  May I complain a little?  If it’s not OK with you, then you can just skip this post.  It’s OK.  I don’t mind.  I don’t like to listen to complainers either.  It’s just that today is not working out as well as I had hoped.

I made it 10 days without a migraine.  I’m now on my third migraine since then.  Ick.  They haven’t been the worst migraines in the world or anything like that.  I was just so enjoying being without them for a while.

And it’s messing with my plans.  I was going to start dissecting a fetal pig with Rosie Girl today, but I’m just not up to it.  Now, between her schedule and mine for the rest of the week, I doubt we’ll get any dissection done.  I think I’m going to find some internet resources for her to look at this week and call it a semester.  She’s gotten a very good Biology 1 course under her belt – the fetal pig dissection was really just to make it an extra good course.

A dear friend had a hemorrhagic stroke last night.  She’s in the ICU in Neenah right now.  I really don’t know how serious things are – being out of the medical community drives me a little crazy sometimes.  However, hemorrhagic (bleeding) strokes are notoriously more serious than ischemic (clot) strokes.  Not only is this woman a friend, but she is one of the most energetic and busy women in this area.  Yet another time when I ask God what He is up to.

Well, I guess this won’t be a completely complaining post.  A friend (who is a college student) and I are going to Milwaukee on Thursday to see the Dead Sea Scroll exhibit!!  I would have loved to go with PWM and Rosie Girl, but Rosie Girl has dance rehearsal every day this week along with end of year school stuff.  The exhibit is only in Milwaukee till Sunday and PWM said it was OK if I went with a friend.  (Rosie Girl is just as glad that I don’t drag her to see it since she doesn’t share my fascination for all things historical).  Anyway, I’m all excited about it.

Wild Man and Grandma are on the road today!!  I’ll post updates as they are available.  I think their next stop is in the Florida panhandle.

Well, after all this writing, I don’t feel nearly as icky.  I do apologize for the complaining.  I’m going to go back to listening to my audiobook (The Time Traveler’s Wife) and knitting my socks (entrelac pattern – totally cool – I’ll post pictures when I’m done!).  Looking at life objectively, I am really quite blessed.  So, I’ll focus on God’s goodness to me and pray intensely for my friend who had the stroke.

How’s your day going?  I give you permission to complain in the comments if you need to!

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