Friday, June 25, 2010

My Nest

After reading Diane’s post about her little nook, I was inspired to take a picture of my special area.  PWM calls my rocking chair area “my nest” because I can sit here and read, use my computer, or knit – all without getting up.  It’s my little corner of the house!

My nest 2


1. My rocking chair – my parents gave me this for my birthday when we moved into this house and I absolutely love it!!

2. Laptop computer – I love having my computer where it’s so convenient to get to.  I can check my email and Facebook so quickly and easily.  Of course, I’m pretty addicted to being online now!

3. Knitting bins – my most frequently used knitting supplies and current projects are kept in here.

4. Basket – I take this with me when I want to carry knitting projects and books when I run errands and think I will be waiting somewhere.  This is the basket I made last year at camp.

5. Rug – I knitted this out of some old jeans a  few years ago and love it.  It gives our living room a kind of rustic feel.

6. Foot warmer/massager – Gets lots of use in the wintertime!!  The massage part isn’t as important as the warmer!

7. Books and book basket – This basket is usually overflowing.  I love books and I am usually reading several at a time.  I don’t finish all of them, but I do finish the good ones!

8. Wicker chest – I keep some blankets in here, although most of them end up being on or around the sofa or behind the rocking chair.  There is also some old music in the chest.  Mostly, though, it acts as a table.

9.  Light/magnifier – My optometrist recommended a stronger light a few years ago and I have found that it is actually quite helpful.  I pull the light over and close to my work when I’m working with very small yarn and needles.  I used to use the magnifier pretty frequently, but I’m more likely to pull out the loupes now because they’re easier to use.

10. Knitting needles and pens – This is just an old jar that I keep meaning to decorate.  Very useful, though.

11. Longaberger basket – I just throw all my small stuff in this basket, like my camera, camera charger, nail file, etc.  I also keep PWM’s loupes (magnifiers) in there since he doesn’t use them for woodworking very much and I use them when I’m working with very small yarn.

12. (way over in the bottom right-hand corner) Music stand – I use this to hold my patterns when I’m using a knitting chart.  It usually lives way off to the side, but I pull it over in front of me when I need it.

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Twisted Cinderella said...

Thanks for sharing your cozy little corner of the world.

Anonymous said...

I love it! I'm always trying to make my nest, but something or someone gets in the way. Maybe I need to officially call it The Nest and put up no trespassing signs. :D