Monday, May 31, 2010

Our (Former) Babysitter

So, last night, I had a case of terrible insomnia.  I decided I’d watch a movie that I didn’t think Rosie Girl or PWM was all that interested in, so I started watching “Follow the Prophet” on Neflix.  When it started, the first name on the credits was Annie Burgstede.  What?  Annie Burgstede?  Annie Burgstede used to be our babysitter for Rosie Girl when we moved to town 13 years ago.  It couldn’t be the same one, could it?

Annie Burgstede (the babysitter, at least) was a wonderful teenager who could talk to adults and was just a great kid.  Not only did she babysit, but she would actually bring games and activities to do with Rosie Girl (who was only 2-3 at the time).  We were so disappointed when Annie went off to art school.  When she was home one summer, we called her to ask where we should take Rosie Girl for dance class.  Rosie Girl has been taking dance classes at that studio for the last ten years.  Suffice it to say that we LOVED Annie.

At 3am, I thought I was having an insomnia-induced hallucination.  So I did what all techno-geeks do – I googled her.  And, lo and behold, our former babysitter Annie Burgstede has a Wiki page and an Imbd page that confirm that she is indeed a very successful actress and had the leading role in this film.

By this time, the film had started.  Annie is now about 27 (I think), but they had made her up to be about 15.  I almost fainted.  There, on my TV screen, was Annie Burgstede, looking just like she did 13 years ago.  Yikes!!  And then she started acting.  Wow!  She’s good!  Of course, she’s good.  She’s always been artistic – that’s why she and Rosie Girl understood each other so well, even when they were so young.

The next time you see Annie Burgstede on TV or in a movie, you know now that, not only did she babysit my kids, but she’s just a good person.

Wow.  What a bizarre night.  It’s just hard to believe.

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