Friday, June 04, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday – June 4, 2010



1. Wild Man has been to see the Blue Angels and the USS Alabama so far on his trip.  What a week!!  He video calls us pretty much every night if he has internet access.  He’s so excited and having a great time, but things are going to be a little more sedate as they visit family until they get to the Alamo in a week or so.

2. Rosie Girl has finished school this week!  Yesterday, she went to the High School picnic and got her yearbook and had it signed.  Today, she spent the whole day at school, going to her two classes and then spending the rest of the day going to classes with a friend.  Apparently, lots of folks were encouraging her to go to school full-time next year, but she likes her homeschooling schedule and is only going to stick with just Art and Choir at school with all of her other subjects at home.

3. I dissected a fetal pig earlier this week and demonstrated it to Rosie Girl as her final Biology activity.  She did the other dissections on her own, but the fetal pig dissection requires more skill and time, so I did the actual work and then showed her everything and we discussed the structures and their function as well as relating it back to humans.  Definitely my favorite part of the course!!

4. Yesterday, a friend and I drove to see the Milwaukee Public Museum’s Dead Sea Scrolls and the Bible exhibit.  I can’t believe that the exhibit has been there since January and we just found out about it this week.  Sunday is the last day of the exhibit, so I had to go this week.  It was amazing, and I will devote an entire post to it later this weekend, so stay tuned!

5. This weekend is Rosie Girl’s dance recital weekend.  She has had rehearsal every day except Wednesday and the performances are tomorrow and Sunday.  Busy weekend, but it’s worth it!

6. Sunday is my and PWM’s 18th wedding anniversary!!  Yes, we were married on D-day.  It’s hard to forget your anniversary if you get married on a day like that!  We will probably end up celebrating later in the week because of the aforementioned dance recital, but that’s fine with me.  It’s the previous 18 years that are important!!

7. Next week, I plan to purchase paint and start painting the dining room and kitchen!!  Rosie Girl has said that she will help.  We’ll be eating sandwiches for a week or so while we get it done!!

That’s what’s been up here.  Check out 7 Quick Takes Friday to see what others have been up to!!

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