Sunday, June 27, 2010

Our Week In Review – June 26, 2010

This post is rather late for a weekly review, but I finally got it all done!

Rosie Girl

  • Turned 15 on Sunday!!
  • Spent part of her Barnes and Noble gift card on Monday on anime books, a Pokemon book, and a soup cookbook.
  • Went to writing club on Wednesday with part of her novel written.
  • Has made a plan to write an e-book for kids on composers.
  • Did Algebra Monday – Thursday with PWM and has made some excellent progress.
  • Had 4 girls over on Friday night for her birthday sleep-over, which involved eating birthday cake, watching anime movies, reading anime books, and generally being girls.



  • Is getting OLD!!  And was reminded so by Rosie Girl’s turning 15!
  • Took Rosie Girl to Barnes and Noble, giving myself more time to work on knitting.
  • Finished the last hat for my friend and got it mailed off.
  • 013
  • Worked at the Senior Nutrition Center on Wednesday.
  • Bought a bed with PWM on Thursday.
  • Made Rosie Girl’s cake on Thursday and got it frosted.
  • Finally decorated Rosie Girl’s cake on Friday (after she simplified the design for me!)
  • 030
  • Is working on a pair of socks for a friend who is in rehab for a stroke she had a couple of weeks ago.
  • Saw my first petunia bloom on Friday!!
  • 035


  • Played bass at Rock the City on Sunday.
  • 008
  • Did some online tutoring.
  • Is working on a new Preference Project for CurrClick.
  • Bought a bed on Thursday and had the girls today help him move the old bed next door to Grandma’s cottage after the delivery men brought the new bed here.
  • Has been fishing several times.

Wild Man

  • Had been in California for over a week.
  • Left California on Thursday with Grandma.
  • Is on his way back toward Wisconsin.
  • Will hopefully be home by the end of next week, although there are no guarantees!

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